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DIY Giant Foam Flower Head Dress For Festivals, Costumes or Parties. My Journey and Tutorial.

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Looking for some easy info on how to make your own giant flower headdress for your Summer festival costume? Or maybe for a child's party? Make your own! it's easier than you think! With this DIY tutorial, you'll learn how to make a beautiful flower headdress with easy steps and tips. You'll be ready for any event in no time!

“ I'll be honest, I absolutely Love! Dressing up. I am after all obsessed with vintage clothing so it only makes sense that I love fancy dress also. As a child I was obsessed with dressing up, I had a mountain of flouncy, chiffon dresses that my parents had, without a doubt, gotten from the dump. I'd layer them up, in an attempt to create some kind of petticoat worthy of my fairytale ideals.

…as an adult, I find my love of the ridiculous and fancy still very much alive. I love Fancy dress…..

So with this year being the first year since “ lockdown” that I am going to a music festival ( lets not talk about what happened last year and the unused ticket that now sits on my mantle piece, a forever moment of a lost and lonely summer) I started scouring the internet for ideas at least 3 months ago ( its Feburary 2023 as I write this) . The festival is in May of this year … I'm keen... It's slightly embarrassing… but my friends humor me .. and I love them for it.

So when the theme for the festival is released and it is “Mad Hatters’ with a focus on Alice in Wonderland’ I know where I'm going. A GIANT FLOWER HEADDRESS.

I'm a pretty good researcher but my tracking down of any real info on how to make what i had envisioned, came up short.

So here is my own attempt at giving you the information you need to easily create a really simple but effective Flower face headdress.

Items Required

*Two Sheets of 3mm EVA foam ( in chosen color) SIZE A2

*Hot Glue Gun and Glue

*Sharp Scissors

*A fancy dress sombrero hat

* An iron ( for shaping the petals)

Ok so let me say, this was remarkably easy to make and assemble. It could be done in a couple of hours. I guess the hardest item to obtain would be the sombrero hat. I happened to have one (of course i did) hanging around from a trip to the tip over a year ago, it just so happens that a straw sombrero hat is a PERFECT shape and structure, for what i needed to do. You can easily order one online, or even visit your local fancy dress shop if you have one.

This is not a paid link - it's simply the closest version I could find to the one I had. There are many options available online.

You'll notice that the one I used has a stitching coiled around the hat that holds it all together rather than being a solid woven wicker. This comes in handy as you will need to cut the hat to make it the right shape to both sit correctly on your head with the flower positioned correctly and also to create the back of the flower.

The next thing to source is the EVA foam that I used for the petals. I realized quickly that getting foam in anything larger than an A4 sheet was going to mean a good internet search for the cheapest price. Foam can be incredibly expensive and I really was making this on a budget.

So I eventually sourced 2 sheets of 3mm EVA foam in White. From The little crafty bugs company I don't have an affiliate relationship with them, I simply found them to be the best priced foam for what I needed. It was the perfect thickness for the petals. It cost me around £18 for the two sheets plus postage.

Here's a link to the exact product I used after a fair deal of research into the fairest price for the size needed.

Ok, so glue gun, scissors and Iron, all pretty basic stuff. Let's get cracking ……


You're going to want to cut the sombrero. I started by taking off the very edge, where they've glued the bobble fabric on. I cut that off all the way around. This released up the edge of the hat and instantly made it more flexible. Perfect for what I needed.

Next, I cut the cone off the top of the hat, creating what looks like a large doughnut, I left about 3 inches on the hat, to give it some structure, as this felt better for my head shape, but you will really want to be putting this on your head, feeling the fit and then cutting as appropriate. It's all about getting it to feel snug and secure.

I then cut a half-moon shape into the sombrero, this is going to be where your head and shoulder fit through, so the headdress can curve around them. Trim the half moon down, checking the fit and shape by trying it on as you go.

So now we have our weird green doughnut, with a bite taken out ..... let's move on to the petals.

Now you can find many many templates online for petal shapes, you can find a million video tutorials about how to make and shape a foam flower, of all shapes and sizes. I suggest watching a couple of these if you haven't already, and acquaint yourself with the different shapes and styles of flowers, get a clear picture in your head of the type of flower, the petal shape will of course make all the difference to the end result:

I, however …. Winged it

I was going for a rose ( of sorts ) in fact used 3 different petal shapes and they are as follows:

Large Heart shape - the largest petals for the back of the flower

5 Large heart shapes

9 inches wide at top

9 inches long

6 inches bottom

Medium Leaf shape - for the middle layer

7 Petal shape medium

6.5 inches wide

9 inches long

Small leaf shape for the inner face framing layer

14 Petal shape small

2 inches wide

3.5 inches long

TIP* foam can be difficult to cut without making a few sharp edges, for me I didn't mind this as I wanted the flower to be a little more organic looking, but if you want to get some really nice curves cut into the foam, you may want to use an exacto knife.

I had just a few offcuts and a load of scraggy bits by the end …… and 28 petals ready to be shaped.

Next to shape the petals. Now, this isn't a required step but I really wanted my flower to have some rigidity and dimension and with the slightly jagged edges from where I cut the petals, I wanted to heat shape the petals to curve inwards and around. You could leave the petals flat, which would give it a more cartoony effect, with the petals being all bouncy, but I was going for a more structured flower… so out came the iron.

Put your iron on medium heat, you don't want to burn the foam, and the heat naturally compresses the foam when you do this so it's important to be standing over it for every second, you'll need to work quickly once you release the iron. pick up the warmed petal and start gently rolling and curving the edges of the petal. Be sure not to work it too much, they really do start to hold their shape quickly, and you want the flowers to be face-framing not closed in completely.

A gentle pressure and a rolling motion seemed to work best for me.

For the larger heart-shaped petals, I tended to focus the heat on the top edges, leaving the body of them relatively flat. Curving the very edges inwards

For the Medium petals, I focussed on curling in the very tip of the petals and then slightly curving in the edges

For the small petals, I focused on making some lovely curved shapes and sometimes twisting them slightly to get some really lovely shapes within the foam.

TIP**At the bottom of the largest heart-shaped petals, I ironed in a 2-inch 90-degree fold into the bottom edge. This is so I could attach the petals to the rim of the hat and create a kind of foam headband for comfort.

Next, I got the glue gun heated up and started sticking the bottom 2 inches of the heart-shaped petals to the INSIDE of the hat, using the curve I ironed into them earlier to fit them snugly into the inside of the rim. Remember your attaching these to what was essentially the underside of the hat ( not the top) as we’re going to tilt the hat upwards to reveal your face within the flower.

I worked my way around the rim, placing glue only on the bottom 2-3 inches of the petals - leaving them floppy and unattached at the top-

I glued the 5 large flowers all the way around the inside rim leaving a 3-inch gap within the headband, which will sit at the very base of your skull when fitted to your head.

It's important to leave this gap if you want to flower to frame your face, if you wanted to adapt this tutorial to make a hat that simply fits onto the top of your head -( like a large sunhat) Then go ahead and fill in the whole rim of the hat, but the purpose of this tutorial, I'm leaving a gap, to tilt the hat and make the flowers enclose the face and head.

Once the largest petals have been glued on, you can start gluing your medium petals on top of the large ones, I've slightly overlapped mine, taking inspiration from a real flower, you will see where the flowers sit the best when you start assembling, it can be a little ‘trial and error' here as all the petals will be shaped individually from where we ironed them.

Have a play around with the fits and shapes of the petals before you really start gluing them down. This is your chance to get creative and start to see your flower take shape, there's even still time to reshape these petals, just get the iron on them again and you can reshape if needed.

I encourage you to start playing around and making them look exactly - or as near to what you wanted in your mind's eye.

After gluing down your medium flowers you'll then want to move onto the smallest of the flowers, there are a few of these so again you'll want to play around with the composition of the petals and get them as neat and fitted together as you need.

Tip** Hot Glue works AMAZINGLY WELL with EVA foam, it really sticks!!!! You'll not want too much but enough to really coat the area where the petals are sticking down. It also adds some rigidity to the flower so it'll feel secure when on your head.

The Last thing I did was to turn the hat around and cut out the back of the hat. This makes it look like the back of a flower and really adds to the effect of the headdress. Simply cut triangle shapes into the wicker, as you didn't glue down the back of the petals, it's super simple if a little messy.

Tip*** After I cut out the back of the headdress, I went back in with a hot glue gun and secured the petals onto the hat. Making them super secure and adding more stability to the headdress.

And that's it ….. The headdress is complete... If you want to, there are two additional things you can do.....

1) Go back in with a medium heat iron and shape those very bottom petals to curve gently around your face , this keeps the petals away from your shoulders and really makes it look like you have your face inside the flower

2) if you want to, you can add some color to give a gradient to the petals, then simple acrylic paint will work perfectly. Allow to dry completely and you're good to go.

I really love creating silly things like this. This really was so easy to make and I hope you find this tutorial useful in your dressing-up journey.

I will be wearing this at the ShinDig Festival this year…. If you see me, come and say hi :) I'll be the one wearing the giant flower for a head. At least I'll be dry if it rains ……

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